Your kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the place where you start your day early in the morning and where late-night talks happen. Your kitchen is where you nurture your loved ones' souls as well as their bodies. It’s where memories are made. Your Kitchen and it’s style can tell a whole lot about your personality and the ambiance that you would like to exude for the look of your entire home. So you want it to be as efficient, comfortable, and just plain beautiful as possible!

One of the most essential pieces of furniture that you could ever have in your Kitchen are kitchen cabinets, which could instantly create the whole look of your entire kitchen plan. So if you are remodeling or building your kitchen and would like to give it a timeless and elegant look - please contact us and we will help you transform your ideas into your dream kitchen!

It is our goal to find the right Kitchen for anyone, while taking into consideration your budget and preferences. Our budget Kitchens are made with high quality laminate finishes where excellence of a surface finish and edging will make you a proud kitchen owner. Next popular Kitchen group consists of veneer finishes available in traditional and exotic finishes. High gloss Kitchens incorporate modern kitchen design compositions with beautiful sophisticated hardware and accessories. Traditional Kitchen design lovers can choose from our range of solid wood kitchens that come with European flair. Aluminum frame doors are often incorporated with any of the Kitchen styles to give it unique, contemporary or modern look.

Ways to order your Kitchen:

  1. Provide us with a basic layout and size of your kitchen including desired positions of appliances and location of windows and doors. Specify desired types and colors of boxes and doors, list special considerations you may have. We will create a 3-D rendering of your kitchen, plan view and will calculate the cost. This service will cost $199.00 for small and medium size kitchen and $299.00 for large size kitchen. PLEASE NOTE, the design fee is fully refundable upon the order of your kitchen.
  2. You can design your kitchen by visiting our pages that specify available box sizes, then complete your kitchen design and submit to us exact specifications of desired boxes, doors and finishes. We will reply with a kitchen cost at no charge. If you desire renderings and plan view designed upon your specifications the cost is $100.00 and is fully refundable upon the order of your kitchen.
  3. You can submit complete kitchen layout with sizes and we will calculate kitchen cost FREE of charge including minor size adjustments. If you desire renderings and plan view the cost is $100.00 and is fully refundable upon the order of your kitchen.
  4. Bathroom design with 3D renderings - $149.00. 
  5. Bathroom Pricing upon submitted layout with sizes – FREE

Our kitchens manufactured by Atlas Kitchens - popular European brand known for its quality and affordability for the past 30 years. Our kitchens are supplies with the best hardware and accessories on the market by Blum®, including most popular ORGA-LINE systems. We guarantee quick fabrication (only 2 to 4 weeks) and fast delivery times. Our kitchens can come disassembled or fully assembled. Visit our showroom or call us at 720-891-3035, you will be amazed by outstanding quality and affordable price!


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